Keeping Your Batteries Fresh

Each fall as the days are getting shorter, my hopes are high and I am almost too eager in anticipation of the coming ice fishing season. To help feed my addiction I find little mundane tasks to keep myself busy and dreaming of being on the ice.

This time it’s charging my batteries. I will usually turn on my flasher or my camera and drain the battery down a little bit more than where I left it at the end of the season. I’m not sure if it matters or not, but after years of doing it this way, I figure it can’t hurt.

I run a quick check of my levels to see where they are, and either drain them or hook them up to a charger.

I prefer to use a “piggy back” style trickle charger. It will makes sure you don’t overcharge your battery and fry it out.

A couple quick charges over the summer and you will be good to go when first ice hits.