Tungsten "Moon Jig" from Skandia Jigs

Tungsten "tear drops" from Skandia Jigs

Getting Vertical

When we go to our favorite tackle shop we are mesmerized by all the colors, styles, & sizes of tungsten ice jigs. Most used to catch the angler but each one has a purpose. When it comes to tungsten ice jigs we usually find these jigs in the same two basic shapes from most manufacturers. In effect, eliminating a lot of the classic lead jig styles such as the Teardrop or the Moon Jig.

Sure, a couple of companies have come out with a few variations, typically with an ant or segmented shaped body. But no one has really captured that classic look of the old Teardrops or Moon Jigs...until now. Introduced over the last couple of seasons and thoroughly put to the test are the classic shapes of the Teardrop and Moon Jigs available from K&E Tackle's line of Skandia Tungsten Ice Jigs.

The ability to get a different presentation in front of the fish fast only opens the possibilities for today’s angler. There have been quite a few occasions where the fish have no response to my traditional tungsten jig, I switch it up to my Skandia moon jig and the fish couldn't refuse it. Available in classic patterns such as fire tiger, perch, and glow add your favorite live bait or soft plastic for a presentation that drives fish wild.

Fishing a vertical jig not only gives your lure a different profile, but it allows you to modify how to present your bait as well. I've previously written about different ways to present your plastics including what we like to call “Vertizontal” where you use a vertical jig and slide on a plastic but leave it below the hook bend creating an “L” shape. Skandia's tungsten Teardrop is a perfect jig to use this method with.

Pick some up to have on hand the next time the bite slows down but you're still marking fish. You never know, they could just be the hot lure of the day. 

Until next time friends...